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I am thinking of getting different sled for my 12 year old son. He has been riding for the last 2 years. First on a 340 Enticer, and last year on his mom's Yami 600DLX triple (with a tired motor/clutch).

He is very responsible as a rider (in contrast to his 19 yr old brother), and has ridden about 700 miles over the last 2 years. We usually ride together and at a speed of about 45 Mph ( with occasional blasts to about 70 on long straight aways).

I want him to have a lighter sled, so he can have something more responsive to his weight (95 lbs), but still very peppy and can keep up to other sleds.

What do you think? How fast will one of these go? What kind of gas mileage do they get? How do these machines hold up?

We found a used 2005 GSX 550F in Wisconsin for sale for $3900. Is that a fair price?

Anybody else have any used 550F's for sale?

Please let us know. 262-642-7048

Thanks for your feedback

Ron S.

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If I were not a cat man that would have been my boy's sled too. MY boy now rides a MC570 and he loves it. Fast enough to keep up yet not enough to get into a world of grief!!

That GSX should run an easy 70 - 75 mph. THe cat does 75. He is getting about 12 - 14 mph with his sled. I imagine the doo is the same.
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