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Removing bushings from A-Arms

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I just bought a used lower A-Arm for my 02 ZR8 and found that one of the bushings is cracked. Looking at it, it seems that the bushings on both ends are one piece (when I turn one, the other turns too). However, I looked at the parts diagram on Alpha-Sports and it does show that they are separate pieces. Does anyone know how to remove them in order to replace?
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put in a vice and tap edge with a screwdriver and it will come right out, ive done it enough. lol
I did one long ago and I think there is a spacer between the two ends and it sticks inside each bushing a small amount. Once you get the one end off it will all come apart. I think, like he said put it in a vice and drive it out.
When you put them back together, wack the anti seize to all the bushings and bolt shafts, Trust me, one day you will thank me.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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