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Recalls or Service Bulletins...

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I am just wondering if anyone has been called by their dealer regarding any of the "fixes" or adjustments that are necessary. Has anyone been asked to bring their sled in for service?

I have not gotten a call from my dealer about anything. If not for this site, I wouldn't have a clue there were any recalls or service recommendations period.

Are we supposed to call the dealer?

Your thoughts please.
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Haven't heard from my dealer either.
My dealer called and wanted to do the pull cord fix, but I like my fix better than Cat's fix so I told him to keep me posted on anything else. My dealer is a good one he let me know about the coolant thing and a few other things to check, but as far as different "recals" or bulletins I haven't heard anything from him. I also haven't had any problems with my sled.
I have called my dealer, (Friends of mine) and they are sorting through all the paperwork, UPS has been late due to the holidays. I have been getting the updates as they come. But my dealer is a 5 hour drive and I have already made one trip to get the first round of updates. Yes, I did realize this potential problem when I purchased the sled, but I buy where I mainly ride and since no snow around here, even though it sucks, I don't feel to bad, yet!

Best suggestion, call and always question the updates, who does it effect, do you have parts for me, when can I get it done, don't hang up without getting some kind of answer.
I called today about the pull cord fix... said they had the part but cant get me in till tuesday, i leave that day for a huge week trip.....

so i can pick up the parts and install it myself and it doesnt come with a new pull cord :(
My dealer waited to call untill all the parts were in. He assembled his list and gave me a call, I will be getting the smart valves, steering block caps, and coil looked into, plus double checking the bolt lengths.
I think that covers all the known issues...
Just got my first call this morning and they want the sled for a supension weld and rope fix. Will still use a fix found here but want to start with a new cord. They do not have the smart valves yet.

Seems like I read a thread on the suspension weld but haven't seen anything on it lately...am I late?
i got a letter from my dealer on the pullcord issue, but thats all.
My dealer in NW Lower Michigan says he doesnt call on Service Bulletins. He said if it was real important, Cat would send the sled owner a notice to contact the dealer. He said it is up to me to contact him regarding any problems.

<_< <_< <_< <_< <_<
Hey Kev, the only reason my dealer called was for the suspension weld and I'm not even sure this came from Cat, just that they are seeing some breaks on a particular weld and want to make sure it's done correctly. I really think it depends on the dealer and his time.

Are you up North today?
I called my dealer about the latest bulletins, the short suspension bolts, and tach innaccuracy. Getting it done on Monday. I would recommend calling your dealer.
Had to call the dealer to clue them in, what Bull Shit!
I called our dealer Monday and he knew nothing so far. I told him about the bulletins coming out and am going to talk to him next week after we get back from Old Forge. :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
got a call from the dealer yesterday. Even thought i called them tuesday and they didnt know anything about it. At lest he called me back. Funny i can find out about stuff before him.
Just called my dealer and they said smart valves are on backorder! WTF! If I get staranded you'll see pics of the first F7 literally turn into a FIRECAT. I drilled out the smart valve myself, hopefully this helps.
My dealer gave me my update kits yesterday, 1. includes the rope fix. 2. kit 0637-248 includes front arm bolts, front rail cap bolts, and wire ties for the coil flip fix. 3.kit 0637-246 includes new smartvalve and fuel pump retaining wire.
AND INSTRUCTIONS! hope this helps you!
stopped into my dealer yesterday,talked to service,they said bring it in, i asked if mon was ok, he said they are slow right now, due to lack of snow sounds like they will get right on it,will post all that they fix
Our dealer Nesco in Gouverneur, NY calls us every time there is a update or recall. That's what I call a GREAT dealer!
Got a call from my dealer on the 30th. They said to bring it in and they would take care of all the updates within a day or two. To Captainkev, you should make your dealer fix everything. The dealerships all receive the notices from Cat, but since they already have the serial numbers on file, they just turn in the time for the warranty work that is not being done and get paid for nothing.
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