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Rebates on previous model years

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When does Ski Doo make rebates available on previous model years? There's a brand new '03 at a dealer that I've got my eye on. Do rebates go back THREE model years?

Thanks! :beerchug:
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The dealer already got the PMA (Past Year Model Allowance)

The discount would be marginal 5% or so. This guys has been paying interest on the borrow cost of this machine for 3 years. He will be eager to move it or marry it Shoot low and you should get a great price. Remember that the manuf warrantee has long ended so this dealer will be "self insuring" this baby for you. Get the 1 year or extended in writing....

Damn, this changes everything. He told me to wait until fall for mfg rebates--and he also told me I'd get the original 1 year warranty.

Do I believe him???
You should still get the 1 yr mfr's warranty. I believe it starts from date of sale to consumer, not dealer.
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