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Radar run in Negaunee Mich next saturday

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On Teal lake in Negaunee january 13th there will be a radar run with both a plowed and unplowed lanes and many different classes.More info can be gotten by calling 906-475-7404 or I will try to get answers if I can help.It looks like we may even have some snow by then so mabey the central u.p. wont be a bad place to be next weekend.The time it is on is from 11am to 4pm.
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Sounds like a great time

I love riding that area

My wife loved racing the F5s last year at the local radar runs

How many feet ???

Do they have a stock class / Unstudded tracks ???

Any posters or flyers online
Or i guess i could pick up the phone

Thanx Scott
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Might want to post in the Wisconsin/Michigan forums also

Hopefully some snow and cold because i want to ride the trails also

Some more info i found

January 13, The 12th Annual Teal Lake Radar Runs, Teal Lake, Negaunee Michigan, fun begins at 11am runs to 4pm. 18 plus classes of snowmobiles. Ice & snow tracks (800’ to 1000’, depending on ice conditions), heated spectator area, speeds posted on large display, PA announcers, plus a $400 cash prize and trophy for King of the Lake (fastest overall speed.) Everyone is welcome to participate, no charge for spectators. Registration begins at 10am, register throughout the event. All proceeds will be benefit local snowmobile grooming operations, rider education classes, and the Heikki Lunta Winterfest.
For more information call the Teal Lake Radar Runs Committee: 475-7404 or 869-1062.
Thanx guy,I was going to post some additional but it looks like you got it covered.Usually its a good time that wouild be a great time if we get some damn snow.The trail is reachable from the lake so it would be great to do some trail riding after the radar runs.
Always a great time. When I saw that they have been plowing the lake, I thought they were going to just have the Ice track. Then I heard they were still going to have a snow track as well. But then I remembered...I've only got 30 miles on my sled, and I'm still on my pre-mix tank. Oh well, I'll still take my sled down there if we have snow. (Which does look pretty good by the way).

And let's not forget about the fireworks that night as well. Kinda fun watching fireworks while sitting on your sled.
Let me know if there is rideable snow and ill ride over with you if you want.in the past I just went straight off the groomed trail and came off the tracks by beefaroo and crossed the highway. I think I am going to borrow a trailer this weekend and try to put a few miles on up near silver lake mabey? I talked to some locals yesterday that were over 600 miles so Im ashamed of myself now.LOL
its actually starting to snow right now so mabey this will be the week we finally see winter.
Keep me informed also - Like i said i love riding that area - Usually stay in Ishpeming

I am not familar with the lake and its exact location ???

Actually when riding that area Big Bay / Ishpeming / Gwinn / Marquette / Champion
I dont remember any lake trails

Maybe we will trailer up just for the drags - If the plowed/packed snow track is running - We dont have picks on the Crossfires
Just for fun , looking to ride on Friday morning also if they get snow

the lake is right on us41.When you ride through negaunee you go through the back of town.If you were going to ride to teal lake you would have to get to the other side of town which can be done on local trails and a few parking lots.if you were coming from ishpeming to negaunee the lake would be a few miles long on your left.
hmm... thats this comin weekend? i might go but i think thats the same weekend they have the races in eagle river? if it is im goin to eagle river cause my cousins does the oval races there, and its fun to watch the snocross too. anyone else goin to eagle river?
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