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Attention all XC and 120 Racers!!!
We WILL BE RACING at the Willow Winter Carnival!!!

Conditions are improving in Willow. The creeks and Sloughs are healing up pretty quick. At this point, we will not be running the full 80 miles. We will continue to watch the conditions and make the decision Saturday Morning.

Sign ups will be from 9-10:30am inside Willow Community Center.

120 Tech Inspection at 10:30
Drivers Meeting at 10:45 Sharp
120 Races Start at 11am

XC Tech Inspection at 11:30
XC Drivers Meeting at 11:45 Sharp
XC Race Starts at Noon

Please note that 120s will now be charged a flat fee of $20 for all classes.

AMMC is offering Two New Trophy Classes in XC!!

First New Class is the 0-1000cc 141 Track or Longer!!
$25 to Enter and AMMC Membership is Waived in this class! So bring those long tracks out and race!!!

Second New Class is the 0-1000cc 2004 and Older Class!
$25 to Enter and AMMC Membership is Waived. Bring out your old Race Sleds!!!

If you have any questions about these new classes please email us at [email protected]
Rider protection and tethers required at tech inspection.

Long Track class is a 0-1000 Open class. Tracks must be 141 or longer!!
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