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Is anyone a mechanical engineer, small business owner, computer engineer, pilot, or are in charge of sales and marketing for a company. I need to find people in these careers to ask questions to for a grad standard. If you in one of these careers could you answer the following questions. Please put your first and last name and career. Here are the questions:

1. How did you get this job? What is the kind of job you planned on getting while you were in school?

2.How did you perceive this work before you got into it?

3. Is it different than what you expected? If so, how is it different?

4. What are some of the abilities people need to do this work?

5. Have you discovered that you have some abilities that you didn't know you had? If so, tell about them.

6. What are the responsibilities of your job?

7. Why did you choose this type of work?

8. How much leeway or freedom do you have in determining how hard yoyu work?

9.What are the greatest pressures, strains, or anxieties in your work?

10. What special problems do new employees frequently have in adjusting to the job?

11. What are the most important personal characteristics of being successful in the job?

12. What things about the job do you like least?

13. What kind of training did you get and where did you receive it?

14. What do you see yourself doing ten years from now? Are there opportunities for advancement in your field or company?

15. Is teamwork and important part of your job. If so, why?

16. Based on your experience, what information or advice would you give to somone who is still in high school?

17. Additional Comments:

Thanks to anyone who fills this out. It is greatly appreciated.
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