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Pull cord fixes

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Well heres the story from my exhaustive research on pull cord fixes and a blurb on each one.

1 - AC fix alone.

Worst of the bunch. I does get the rope off of the plastic but not the brake housing. If you don't pull it directly straight it will hit the plastic. The only way to pull it straight is to turn the handle bars all the way left. I looks really F'ed up also. Cost: free with purchase of $7,000.00 sled. You may have to wait for dealer to get them.

Opinion: A quick fix that will disappoint in the long run.

2 - 1/4" x 2 eyebolt with AC fix.

Got the rope off of the brake and away from the frame rail. With the AC fix it is all right but still has the problem of hitting the plastic if not pulled straight. Cost: $2.25 for SS hardware. Pain in the ass to put on with big fingers.

Opinion - A cheap fix that will get you through but you're going to replace the rope sooner or later.

3 - Wheel type fix posted on HCS.

This works pretty well but has two drawbacks. 1st and this is major. You have to have access to a machine shop to make it well and to fit perfectly. Took my guy a couple hours to make and about two minutes to install. 2nd, the rope would come off the wheel if I pulled wrong and tore it up worse than the plastic did. That could be cured with a rope stop like on a cable weight pull. Best part is you don't have to take the rope handle off to install. That knot is a B*#@$!. Cost: about $5.00 in Materials and $100 in labor if you had to pay for it. Would benefit from some good engineering.

Opinion - An ingenious idea not available to the common man. Will work well if you can build it.

4 - Use some 5mm spectre cord.

This rope used for rock climbing, does not fray and is strong as hell. It will probably outlast your sled. I would put this on regardless of what you do. The drawback is that it is stiffer than the nylon rope so it is alot harder to get into the recoil. If you have not put a recoil rope in before take it to someone who has and watch what they do. A good AC dealer may put this rope in for you when they do your fix. Cost: You need 7 feet at roughly $.35 per foot. Available at any climbing store or at REI.com

Opinion - It will work by itself but will shine with any other fix.

5 - The Outdoor Shop tube

I have not received my tube yet. I was on the first to order so I should get it soon. After working with all of these, I believe that this one will be the best. Dan has told me it goes through the plastic to protect it so that solves one problem and where it mounts (same place as the eyebolt) will solve it hitting the brake. The only drawbacks I see is that it is not a production item but a handmade piece that may have some fit variances. The concept is simple and the machining should be relatively easy so I wouldn't think this will be too much of a problem. Cost: $30 for the part. May be difficult to get mounted. (See eyebolt and big fingers) You may also have to wait because it sounds like the demand it high.

Opinion - Hard to have one without the part but I believe this will be the best of all.

There it is. A whole lot of nights with my wife asking me "Haven't you fixed that yet". As a summary I would recommend calling Dan and getting an Outdoor Shop tube and putting in the Spectre cord. You will never worry about the rope pull again.
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5mm Spectre...Nice, Whats the strenth of that stuff, Near 5000lbs. We use it in the fire service for high angle rescue utility cord.
Wonder if theres any spare stuff around the fire hall?? :huh:
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