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I have a regular (65)stroke race engine for sale.

This has psi cast tripple exhaust port cyls. modded cat heads(PSI) and custom pipes that were on the sled.
This was in our 1000imp sled(which is long gone) . This engine won the 1000 imp class at Canadian series of Ice in Riviere du Loup PQ in 2000.

Complete engine block and cylinders still assembled. Fresh top end. Base is race ported/stuffed and matched to cylinders.Welded crank. 245 ish hp. (we won that race at a time when many other cats and lots of other 1000 imp sleds were talking of having a lot more hp than us)....great solid engine that uses simple 1000 cat pistons and a regular crank.
There are no reeds,or magneto end parts,but the whole engine block and cyls are ready to go.

Engine and pipes 3000$ cdn delivered in North America.(no dickering on the price please,the cylinders cost me more than that)

not a trail motor,not pump gas.

114 fuel with 15 degrees of timing at 9200 rpm

contact Dale at [email protected]
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