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Hey guys, first post on here,

I picked up a pro rmk (2011) and have been doing some mods for lighter weight and maneuverability (after doing full engine rebuild with fix it kit). I ride near west yellowstone, Montana so I do alot of deep snow boondocking.

I decided to do an 8" tunnel cut on my sled and was planning on welding it together only to find out my welder shit out on me after I cut the tunnel. Could I resort to brazing? if so, does anyone know the type of aluminum alloy the tunnel is? and what brazing rods would work for me?

So far, Im trying to replicate the mtntk tunnel cut kit in which they 3d printed a 90 degree coupler for the cooler tubes (heres a pic). I have a 3d printer and its dialed to print high temp ABS (glass transition temp of well over boiling point) so that would definitely work, I also designed my own coupler that fits in the tunnel cooler tubes BUT I would much rather weld or braze the aluminum to seal up the cooler.

any input?

thanks guys


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