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Primary Clutch Weights Selection

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The 94 XLT 580 comes with 10-M5 49.5G weights (1321528) with gold spring. I want to lower shift rpm from 8200 to 8000, and reduce the 8700 rpm delayed shift peak, induced by some fine tuning and port/manifold cleaning and matching...
Should I switch to 10 51.5G, S 53-B 51G, S 53-R 53G, 10-AL 53.5G or 10-54 54G weights?
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Why? 8250 is the power peak on the 580 motor. If you are determined to do it, I'd start with a the 10-al, and lighten them up if need be. A T-1 helix worked good on those for the intial over rev you mention.
Peak power is at 8250? I'd just leave my friend's XLT like that then. I had set the secondary from hole #2 (8.5 lbs to start opening) to hole #4 (12.5 lbs). After a trial, switched to #3 (10.5 lbs) which apparently improved acceleration... I'll suggest the T-1 helix. Is yours still for sale? What's the Polaris part number for it?
If you want a little more power when you are working on the motor, I have a porting template kit for that sled for sale. Its supposed to add 8-12 hp. Not a bad deal for $40. All you do is put the templats in, trace them, and grind it out. Check them out at www.sportport.com
I just finished putting 10 AL 's (53g) in my 580 XLT. I also went to an AAEN purple primary, SLP 42-38-36 Helix, and polaris silver secondary.
Combo should wake up the acceleration but not affect trail manners. T-1 is what I originally wanted but couldn't get one. Haven tested it yet.....thats tomorrow.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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