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Primary clutch problems

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I've got a couple problems on the primary clutch of my 95' zr 700. I don't know alot about clutches so any thing will help. first a bushing on one of the weights broke and the weight had rubbed on the basket for some time before i found out ( the weight got hung up on the basket and so it was stuck in a hight gear ratio and stalled ). Has anyone dealt with this? if i get a bushing and weight kit will it be okay? Next i just went to pull the clutch i got a puller from a friend he has the same sled and a 95 zrt when i pulled the plug to get to the clutch it looked as if something was in the hole? i can't put the puller in am i missing something? :banghead:
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there should be a bolt in there holding the clutch on the shaft. get a light and check. put some grease in the hole before you use the puller. it helps
theres no bolt in there it it looks like thin metal pieces stuck in there???
That is a cap you are looking at. It takes an allen wrench to remove it. Behind the cap is a 12 point bolt holding the clutch on the crank. I replied to this thread in General. My advice- replace the clutch completely.
Same advice here..................toss the clutch, lots of new ones priced right on ebay.
Brand new, 200 dollars on e bay, 9 tower. The on your sled is junk.....Do not rebuild it.
if its inside the hole in the cluth after you pulled the bolt it is a plastic spacer that tends to get stuck in there get that out and you should be able to insert the puller and get the clutch off I also recomend a new clutch as that one sounds toasted and now way out of balance. :face_crash: :i_need_snow: :bounce: :hooters:
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