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Here are my predictions for Cats 04 release this week. This is not from anything I "heard" or read about and I have no Cat Connections. Simply my predictions. Everyone add yours and lets see who is closest.

F7 Series (same colors but less graphic choices for spring order)
F5 Carb Only
F6 EFI only
F7 EFI only
No F series larger than the F7

All ZR chassis sleds will get a new hood syle similar to the F7
ZR800 EFI only
ZR900 EFI or Carb no Direct Drive

Mountain Cats
900 EFI or Carb with special spring order model with 162" x 15" track or 16" wide x 159
800 EFI Maybe in 16" tracks 144 and 151
600 EFI Maybe in 16" tracks (136 only)
If cat has F series mountatin sleds they will have put a new tunnel with a 15" track in it.

ZL Series
5-6-700 in F series chassis with modular seat for adapting for 2 up riding

600 800 and 900 efi 2 up touring sled Same chassis as this year.

Crossover Sled
A new model similar to the SD Renegade and Poo Switchback.(new sks)
In ZR Chassis with 136" track or F Series with 144"
Available in 6-8-900 EFI only if in ZR or 6-700 in F series.

4 Stroke
If cat has a 4 stroke to compete with the RX-1 it will be in the ZR Chassis. GSXR 1000 style Engine.
They will also continue with the same touring 4 stroke they have now for the rental fleets.

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1. No F-cat bigger than 700. Next year....sorry.
2. ZL line in F-chassi.
3. No big 4-stroke, but 660 with more juice.
4. 900 ZR with more power, less weight, new hood. NO planetary.
5. New 440 sno pro will look more like that gay looking rev...and I mean GAY.
6. Mountain Cats will keep ZR chassi one more year. 2005 will be wider track F-style.
7. NO ZR 800 for 04.
8. NO CARBS on F-cats for 04. It would be like going bassackwards.
9. I don't know touring.

Cat S.
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