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hey i was up in kap for my holidays and i herd a dealer got a set of walker evans shocks stolen from a crate at dallair saw sales well shock were found and brought back to dealer
well i went at gastons sports and marine and i was helpin my good buddy dave open up a 07 phazer mountain we noticed some boxes were open and some parts were skatered around tha crates we start builing it and noticed tha front shocks and console was missing ... yet again someone strike a crate in kapuskasing the dealer was furiouse and called up a few other dealers in the area turns out hes not the only one gettin parts stolen
soo if anyone has info on stolen goods contact yur local opp or dealer about it. i think its childish and stupid of ppl are stealing off crates its causin alot of trouble for are already struggeling dealer with tha weather we had soo if u catch someone doin that go get them u migt get a reward

And ide also like to kniw if other dealers in ontario got stuff stolen soo we can stop those bastards
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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