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power valves

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has anyone removed the cable power valves on there 03 zr 900 and replaced them with non cable ones , ( like the ones that SPECIALTY SLEDS have on there web site )if so what was the out come work good ???
any info will be nice

thanx DAN !!!!!!!!! THINK SNOW
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not worth $400 at all unless you need the clearence or are looking for weight savings. on my 800 i just stuck the valves open and removed the cable and sevro you just get worse gas milage with them stuck open.
i dont mind spending the money , to get rid of the cable , i just want the same performance
What's your issue with the cables?
I've never even had to adjust them since new on my ZR800cce. The spec has remained spot on over 5000 miles and four winters.
Set the fuel pump for a 70/1 ratio. Run quality oil. Clean the valves annually.

My APV's did stick once resulting in the cables popping off the serve (a 2 minute fix) but I chalked that up to the -45 degree weather at the time freezing the valves in place causing the cables to come off when the servo did it's start-up cycle.

And besides, I'd not put any Doo parts onto my green sled. :augen41: For more reasons than one.
i never ever had a problem with the cable or any sticking , i just like to change
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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