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My friend and I have had no real problems with our firecats. He has a Team SP F7 and I have a standard Patriot F7.

We actually had one weekend where we had a problem, but it was probably because of something we did, not something with the sleds. That being said here's an interesting encounter that happened to my friend as he was walking out of a hotel resort last weekend.

My friend was wearing his F7 hat and AC jacket when some dumba__ snowmobiler said, "has your F7 blown up yet?". My friend simply said, "it's blown away alot of other sleds". . . and walked out.

It's interesting in looking at posts of grips or problems on the internet that many out there take the few threads as the majority of the experience of what's happening out there. We talk to other F7 owners that we see and some of them know about Firecat.info, others/many of them don't know about it. So all their experiences are not known or shared here.

What I find interesting is many owners myself included get pretty mad when a problem comes up. We like to post and vent, but that's regarding one problem and doesn't mean that the Firecat's are junk (as Spence implied in some posts). What happens however when it's YOUR SLED and YOUR SLED is down, a person will get pretty pissed and there's no better place to vent than on the internet.

I'll relate to you a reaction that I had with my sales guy when I thought my Firecat was having a problem (other than it's true problem which was either bad gas or flooding at that time.) I called up the dealer a couple of days before the weekend was about to begin (they only had my sled for a day or two at the time and was PRETTY upset because I was getting what I thought at the time was a bit of runaround. You see the dealer had other sleds that were lined up before mine (mostly old sleds), but I DIDN'T really care at that time. . . I was pissed and wanted to make sure that my toy would be ready for the weekend. After all this was a first year sled.

So the attitude I had with my sales person was pretty rough. I simply declared that "my sled would be ready". . . in other words, "I expect it to be ready" to my sales person who is a pretty nice guy. Now let me tell you what I meant (although I didn't state it in the conversation.)

I felt at that time (I don't care what has to be done, the dealer will fix the problem). . . in other words. . . if the dealer finds the mag side cylinder and jug are blown, FINE. . . FIX IT! ! ! I didn't want to hear ANY excuses about parts being on back order. As far as I was concerned the dealer had 20 or more unsold F7's at the dealership and that was plenty of parts and they could just go out and scavenge a part off a new F7 for me. That was the implied meaning that I was trying to push across to my dealer. In other words, "GET IT DONE". Now if I had a new F7 and it had a blown motor, I'd have the VERY SAME attitude to my dealer mentioned above. I have no problem being a hard/smart ass to them because (get this) I'm the CUSTOMER and the customer is ALWAYS RIGHT ! ! ! The customer is NOT always SUSPECT as some on these forums would imply. NO from a marketing and free market standpoint (unless they are a poser) the real customer is ALWAYS RIGHT. That being said, sometimes customers are A__h_____s. We know of them, have heard of them and sometimes we've crossed the line and made a fool out of ourselves as customers. The goal is to apply enough pressure to get the salesman, dealer and maker in the frame of mind to understand where your coming from and that your disappointed with the product/service.

Now there's a difference in making a big deal about something that is a major problem and throwing a fit about something minor.

Anyone with a blown firecat motor, I would understand there regrets or feelings that the entire firecat line was junk. That's a subjective feeling, that they should understand is limited to their own experience and not reflective of the majority of owners. My sled has over 2000 miles now and my friends Sno-Pro F7 over 2000. We've had zero problems with our sleds. That is a testimony that AC made our sleds pretty good, but doesn't mean that some other guy's sled is fine or didn't have some kind of problem. I can't blame him for how he rides or what he or his dealer did to the sled. Nothing can be fixed unless we get more information.

So if your having a problem with a sled, please feel free to share information here and maybe someone here can help. Posting a bunch of spam threads (repeats of how bad Cat is) about the same problem over and over without some new reason for the thread is just an attempt to bash the sled or AC needlessly. Saying your sled has no problems to a guy with a blown engine will not make him feel better. It is irrelavent, although it might show that statistically most of the Firecats don't have major problems. What is amazing is that some think a few problems out there (relative to 16,000 sping orders plus others) is a sign that all the F7's or firecats will "BLOW UP".

So for those who think that the truthful discussion of a few problems here means the firecat's are junk, start thinking logically. Most have F7's that have minor or no problems and these routinely stomp the crap out of the competition in every performance category that matters in the real world.

The customer is always right and most customers would buy a firecat again without a second thought.
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