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polaris new weights

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i was at my local dealer and he showed me a set of them. they are totally different, they are notched more and they look really cool. they also said that polaris told them to run 2 grams lighter with these weights like if your running 74 gram now with the 10 series. you would need to run 72 gram weights with these 11 series weights check them out .
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erlandson clutch kits are a polaris accessorie now. i knew that a while ago talked glenn erlandson at haydays. still goin to have to buy the kits. they are going to be the same kits he always sells just through polaris now. besides clutching doesnt void your warranty.
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Originally posted by RedFusion900@Oct 2 2005, 06:29 PM
I was at my dealer yesterday, he showed me a Polaris accessories bulletin...they are coming out with an Erlandson clutch kit and an SLP pipe/can kit, all from Polaris, warranty approved...so might not be a good time to be buying clutch weights, might wanna wait and see what the kits are like...
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does anyone else know that for sure or have a copy of the bulletin that says they are going to have a pipe as an accessory and not void your engine warranty? otherwise im probably goin to go with the rtk head
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