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For all of you that go out to Puslinch Lake I have a request from the Puslinch Lake Racers Assoc. A not-for-profit organization who puts on the race at Puslinch. Basically my crew chief and a couple others of us.

Do not plough across the front shore of the lake but rather go down to the landing and plough strait out across the lake. (when it gets cold again that is)

Last year someone ploughed with an atv right where the amatuer snow track had to be. The banks were much higher than the snow and were half ice by the time we were getting the tracks prepped. The amatuer track was less than optimal due to this even with the use of a Bob Cat for 2 days it still wasn't great.

Now just last week someone went and ploughed a strip with an atv in the exact same spot. All we can hope is that this weeks warm weather will melt the banks completely before they freeze up again and cause us alot of prep work.

Hope you all will co-operate, this will also keep the ice-fisherman out of your way.


Scott Rose
Team Rosco
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