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please help stumped

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I have a 98 zr 600 efi 2800 miles.Took it to the up 2 weeks ago and after riding it about 5 miles it backfired and died.After a few minutes it would start back up then it would go a few miles and do it again.Took it to dealer and it wont do it.They said everything checks out ok no codes showing nothing.Dont no what to do. PLEASE HELP GOING RIDING IN A WEEK I HOPE. :wacko: :wacko:
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check the reeds. Make sure they are not broke or chipped. How has it been on fuel mileage since the backfiring started?
Bad stator, must check both charge coils for proper resistance.
try inpluging the kill switch..or also called ( throttle control switch)..this will short out intermitantly and cause backfire...or even loose spark completely then work fine likke nothing happend..might not be the prob but an easy thing to try...good luck
if the stator checks out ---look for water in the tank--try a
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