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Pilot Skis

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I was reading through my Snow Goer magazine and there was a review on the Ski-Doo pilot skis. They are supposed to be one of the best on the market. The article says you can buy the skis for $99 cdn a piece from BRP and retrofit them to other makes of sleds. Has anyone done this yet? Anyone planning on doing it?
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I had the same thought! The bottom profile on those skiis looks real business-like and like they would really do the job in a variety of trail conditions. Might be just the ticket for sharpening up the Fuse front end in the corners.

Looks like Verlin Simmons suit against Doo forced them into coming up with a new performance ski. Seems like they may have gotten it right.

One caveat. I have run Simmons tunnel skiis for the last 5 or 6 years on on of my sleds. Three years ago when doo came out with their "new" tunnel skiis (a nock-off of Mr Simmons ski) I thought they were a reasonable (read cheaper) replacement for the Simmons ski and ordered a pair, and the supposed adaptor kit, for my wife's 600 classic.

Beware. Even with the "adaptor kit" you had some issues. The bushing to go inside the spindle was a different length, different i.d., and took a different saddle bolt than did the regular poo xc setup. took me a couple of days of searching and rooting around to get them set up to work.

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