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photo gallery closing on dec 15th

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Now that the riding is starting and we are nearing christmas, I'm going to have to close the photo gallery to new pictures on dec 15th. I'm afraid that I just won't have the time after that. So get the pics in before the 15th.
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will you add some later on when you do get time? i would send it pics but my sled is not finnished yet.
Dont feel bad i dont have a sled to put on there yet still waiting, wow what a joke hey!! :angry:
yes how do you post them?
you need to have a gallery that the "users" can update themselves. This way there is no work for you. I believe this board has gallery capabilities, maybe something you'll want to look into.

P.S. I would set a file size limit. some people get carried away with their digital cameras. some like to use 5 megs per pic.
Rob, i think you should add an extra forum on the board just for pics pf peoples sleds if your not updating the page, just a though.
So is this were we post the pics of our sled to get them in them in the gallery?

Hope so...


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1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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