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Performance with warranty?

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Can i add certain things without voiding my warranty? There are 10 firecats where i am and want to be the fastest one, hehehe, i was thinking stinger and vforce reeds?

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if your dealer is cool he wouldnt tell cat if you have aftermarket products
well 2 things, one if its a melt down or something they send out the motor im sure, where the test everything....

second im REALLY concerned with my dealer, because its only there 2nd year and it is a dodge dealership.......

sucks living in the middle of nowhere :p
your dealer should fix everything in house, i'm pretty sure cat doesnt want motors sent back to them!
hmmm, i just dont wanna void my 4 year warranty... il do the mods myself and if i have problems, ill reverse them ;)

any ideas on octane boost.... can i use car stuff etc? gas up here is 87 octane..... also i have to test my tank a few more times because with my math im only getting like 9 miles per gallon?

110 \ 13 :(

and that one time i was on E i was gonna add gas... but i could see alot and hear it.. so i went a little farther and it DIED QUICK, no warning just BOOM!! empty.... even though i could see and hear it.... a fuel guage we could see and a fuel light wouldnt hurt much
i would not use octane boost, there was a earlier discussion on this and i believe the final answer from cat is, the sleds were designed for 87 octane gas and anymore than that will actually harm performance!
4 yr warranty, did you purchase this at a additional cost?
yea, being a former yamaha rider... i feared the cat stories..... so extra yea was like 1400 canadian and the 3 years was like 1600... something like that

yes i am? if you are lets hook up?

hehehe, dodge is brutal.... they have no clue about the trucks let alone sleds
sorry I'm In Fort Simpson I got smart and got My F5 SnoPro @ Don's Speed Parts, great dealer he beet out every price on my sled by over $800 !!!! You'll have to take on My Brother Colin Bradbury On his 2003 ZR 900 with only a few D&D Mods lol.
3 years warranty, we can buy this?? How much in the USA?
Thankyou Skydog
yea, i think its called cat care program, even covers so much$ towards rental sled
maybe we all should get this
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