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Fun2rent is the first community of powersport owners sharing with other owners, in a safe and insured environment. Yes, rent out your sled to a friend, a neighbor, or other qualified renter. We call this peer-to-peer rentals. We are not the first site taking on this challenge of owners renting out, there are several Peer-to Peer Car Rental companies enabling owners to rent out their Ford Pickup or Toyota Prius.

Fun2Rent.com is an online platform connecting owners of powersport vehicles to those who are looking to rent. We are similar to the Vacation Rental By Owner sites. Both owners and renters are provided liability coverage, and full coverage insurance on the vehicles and vessels based on actual cash value including aftermarket parts.

We developed Fun2rent to create a community of powersport owners sharing with other owners. Rent out your sled and use this income to help with expenses or to rent a boat or jet ski from another owner in the summer. All-in-all its a pretty basic match making system, that enables us access to more of the things we powersport enthusiasts enjoy. This blog post goes into more detail about the benefits to owners of listing their vehicle on Fun2Rent.com.

Here are a Few Details:
Here is how the Insurance Works,
There are two separate policies one for the owner and the other is a short term rental policy for renter and the owners vehicle or vessel or trailer.
1. When an owner list equipment on Fun2Rent he/she is given a certificate of liability coverage for $300,000.

2. When a renter rents this owners vehicle or vessel they will purchase (mandatory) a $100,000 liability coverage + comprehensive and collision coverage for the total value of the owners vehicle or vessel (includes any aftermarket parts).

3. And the engine that makes this all work are The Terms of Service, Renter Policy, and the Owner Policy.

4. Our insurance provider and our attorneys worked with us for over six months before we released Fun2Rent. We provide Rental Forms, Pre-Inspection Forms, and Post Inspection Forms. This keeps everyone honest, If your sled went out running smoothly, and returned with some obvious engine noise that was not there, note this on the post inspection and call our support so we can investigate. Owners are our first priority, and we will make sure your sled is repaired and back on the snow as quickly as possible.

5. We have built a rating system for owners, renters and renters can also rate the equipment. We will also soon integrate photo profiles of owners and renters. We have the ability and will remove any careless renters.
We have found that renters are taking much better care of private owners equipment. There are several reasons, lower prices, availability, selection, and the ratings system. Renters truly understand the value in renting from individual owners, and many renters are owners just like you.

We welcome any comments and suggestions (even if your skeptical). Your help is needed to grow this community of powersport adventurists.
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