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Yamaha Sidewinder SS Hi-Flow Muffler

Our new muffler is up on our store, we have a few of these in stock right now. If you are on facebook, make sure to like our page as we have a little video up (of the muffler). We are working on putting a longer video up on youtube and I will post the link in this thread. Also, we are working on sounds clips that will be online soon.

  • Lighter than stock muffler - 8lb saving
  • Hi-flow 2.5" design
  • Easy chain tensioner adjustments
  • Mounts in stock location
  • Can use stock heat shield
  • Flex Joint
  • o2 bung for accessories
  • 100% Stainless Steel
  • Sound clips coming soon!!!!!!!! :D
Store Link -

We are working on some pretty cool parts for this sled. Stay Tuned and thanks for checking us out!
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