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Octane boosters????

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With the mods to the sled I need prem fuel. That is not always a option up noth or the prem has water in it. I was wondering if 104+ or one of those products added to reg fuel would fit the application?? What say YE??????
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Octain boost woun't put up the points the way you think it would..like from 90-92..it would raise it by .002..so it would be 90.02 not 92.
Waste of MO KNEE.....
Waste of MO KNEE.....[/b]
If its true Octane boost I disagree that its a waste of money yess the stuff you buy in advanced auto or a gas station only raises the octane like .5 real octane boost raised it 6-10octane depending on the amount used in the fuel my friend ran it in his 600 he was shooting with NOS sled didnt run well without it... just my 2 cents take it for what its worth however the stuff he bought was $14 for a liter i believe... he could only get it in certain places....
Made my sled safe too, Went from Bad to good plug reading only by adding 3/4 of a bottle in a tank,
but a tiny Racefuel mix seems better and is cheaper.
but a tiny Racefuel mix seems better and is cheaper.[/b]
This would be better IMO. Throw in a few liters of the av fuel and go to town.

Just my opinion though, and those are like assholes........
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