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Nu Guy cheking in

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Howdy Sledheads,
Just signed up. Great site, can't ride , so I'm enjoying the reading. I've been on and off sleds since the late 60's. Had most of the Polaris line-up {I missed out on the Fusion 9} Oh Darn !!! Been involved with local club for over 20 years, but backing away now as most of the fun has gone. Times change.
I hit 10,000 miles one winter but now usually about 3 to 4,000 annually . Maybe not this year !!! I know every one is frustrated with the weather but hang in there . I'm in N.E. Ont. and we traditionally don't have the trails set up for touring until the third week of January . Yes I know, sometimes earlier.
It's raining here and it's +5c. this A.M. Supposed to start cooling down this weekend . Need COLD big time for the lakes and swamps.
Glad to pass on any info that I can about conditions in N.E. Ont. as they improve .

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welcome, think you'll find it both informative and entertaining.
Hiiiiideeee Hoooo!
i'm pretty new here too but the best site in the world any help you need just post it and these guys can figure it out. Anyway WELCOME
Hiya, and welcome to the zoo. It's a good zoo though. Wow. over 37,000 now. This thing really took off :div20:
Welcome aboard the Animal train,, next stop the Zoo
Welcome brother!

10k in one season is awesome!! Would love to do that someday.
Welcome aboard, it's a wonderful ride! :banana:
Never ending support from your peer's no matter where you live . Welcome aboard :div20:
Welcome from just across the border :
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