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I am very happy to have received the coupons in the mail today. To me, it goes to show that AC is trying to look out for their customers. I had problems with my skidoo last year and all I got was a bunch of shiit asss attitude from the customer service rep. Ski doo did diddly squat to try and make their customers happy. Arctic Cat is trying. Think about how much this costs them. I dont remember the total number of F7s sold but take 10000 sleds times $100 us and you get $1,000,000. I realize that is not there total cost associated with the coupons but come on people, at least they did something. Most other companies would just keep on kicken out the recalls and that would be it.
I strongly beleive ac will stand behind us 03 F7 owners and not leave us out to dry.

I say thank you very much Arctic Cat. Thanks for caring about your customers!!

THis is my first cat, and so far I am extremely pleased with my dealer and Arctic Cat themselves!!
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