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Snowmobile Safety and Snowmobile
Safety Week

Now that the snowmobiling season has started here in New York, the safety committee of NYSSA would like each club to remember a few things. NYSSA belongs to a program called Safe Riders! You make snowmobiling Safe, which is a safety campaign that is trying to bring safe snowmobiling practices, training and enforcement to a new level.

Along with the snowmobile safety course each year we have International Snowmobile Safety Week. This year safety week is January 13-19, 2008. NYSSA is asking each club to take some time during this week to remind your members about snowmobile safety. Be it at a meeting, a hot dog roast out on the trail, a letter to the local newspaper that explains snowmobile safety or anything else that the club can come up with. If you do have some type of safety awarness program, we would also like to have some pictures of safety related programs that you do during the week. Just send them to the NYSSA office via email or regular mail. Please put them in C/O safety committee.

Snowmobiling accidents and fatalities have continued to decline over the past several years. The Safe Riders! Campaign highlights key issues of importance for snowmobile safety. The position statements are concise and easy to understand. They include:

1. Snowmobiling and Alcohol don't mix - don't drink and ride
2. When night riding slow down - expect the unexpected
3. Know before you go - always check local ice conditions
4. Cross all roads with care - don't become road-kill
5. One is the loneliest number - never ride alone
6. Know the risks and be prepared - make every trip a round trip
7. Ride smart ride right - stay in control
8. Smart Riders are Safe Riders - always take snowmobile safety training

For more information on snowmobile safety, posters, DVD’s on safety, public service announcements and many more. Please visit www.snowmobile.org

NYSSA Safety Committee
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