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Selling our camp in Newark, right on Old County Road trail that I've been grooming for several years now. Will continue to groom trail as we are moving to the house just behind this one. Here's some details...email me if interested, thanks.

Large 2 bedroom camp (sleeps 6+) for sale in Newark right on Old County Road trail intersecting with VAST trail 114 at a 3 way intersection. Located 2,000 feet above sea level, ALWAYS snow and is located on 15.8 acres. Two level camp with kitchen, dining area, and living room , one full bath. Engineered septic and well, water runs at 60 gpm and camp also has radiant heat. For skiers, this property is only about 20-25 minutes from Burke Mountain. Asking $169K or best offer. Taxes about $3k per year. Will throw in three antique Raiders as well!

Lots of great memories here! :fluffy::fluffy:


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