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New Sled in the Garage

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Well I picked her up on Saturday, ’05 F7 EFI, Std suspension, Black Widow. She is in the garage and I poke my head in just to take a whiff of the new sled smell.

Almost purchased the same sled with carbs but thanks to f7scotgun I found the same sled with EFI. I never had EFI but I think I will like it. The dealer said it will always take two pulls but that must be only when cold? I started it at the dealer then three hours later one pull and she fired up.

I plan to add 102 studs, black hood screens and hand guards. Also thinking about but not sure… Maybe adding a custom set of red eyes on the Black Widow spider. If I do I will use the sleds power and have a large capacitor that will keep them powered for 20 minutes or so after shutting off the sled. Just don’t know about drilling two small holes in the hood???

It’s still September will be a long three months, at least there is deer season coming up.

Any input on the pros and cons of EFI vs carb?
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^^^ sounds like we have someone that doesn't want to be a believer
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