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New Sled !!!!1

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AH it must be fall.......... Working away around 11 am this morning..... Cell rings.... Who is it you ask??? Well hey it's my old buddy Rod. Whats that you say? Long time no speak.... What you up to? Whats here????!!!!!! COOL!!!
Landed yesterday! I think I'll wait at least until late Oct before I go get it. I think it would drive me crazy sitting in the Garage until late Dec!

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pickin my new one up tomarrow :div20:
:banana: :banana:
Originally posted by Matt@Sep 15 2005, 01:05 PM
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here ya go. not the greatest but they'll work, eh? :div20:
Originally posted by Matt@Sep 15 2005, 08:14 PM
Is the sled running in that first picture?  It looks like it's vibrating!   :smilielol:

6 or 9?  Is that the stock windshield this year?

EDIT:  Nevermind.  I see the Cleanfire sticker.
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good eye, good eye :div20:

yes, that is the stock windshield.

it's just a 7 :)
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