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Need some help ASAP!!!

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Well my brother is up north riding his F7. He called me and said the speedo stoped working? It does not work in either mode? But tach works fine.
He said sled feels slow too? Pulles only 7,000 rpm !? Sled is all bone stock.Has about 20 miles on it. Any in put would help!!
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the pickup magnet is messed up. bring it back to the dealer.
Could it cause the sled to be down on power?
Thankyou Skydog
No. It shouldn't affect it in the least.
ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST! pull the y-pipe and check the pistons.
there is talk of the speedo affecting the ecu and causing problem if the speedo is unhooked so possibly yeah that could affect it
WEll was he riding it hard cuz its still really breaking in if it has 20 miles on it. If he rode the piss outta it its probably fucked
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