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I have a deal for ya..

I have a used set of C&A Skis "Purple" with good carbides in the skis, the skis are slightly damaged from riden the rails at twin mt early season, at the time the outside of the ski got a bit chewed up from the rails but I swaped skis left to right etc. and ran them with the chewed up side on the inside to the belly pan, kept the bad sides hiden, skis are 2 seasons old and other wise in good shape

I also have a mint 1" track with 192 woody's 1.075 studs with aluminum backers track is in awesome shape.. NO stud Pull thrus or broken studs or no tears came off my XCR 800 @ 4000 miles.. its my spare tack as of now..

heres the deal I will give the C&A's with 3 new set of Carbides for $150 carbides they are Brand new I think I got 1 8" set and 2 6" sets + the ones in the skis are in good shape.. the track is worth $250 in the shape it's in

$400.00 firm you pay shipping or come get them I am in Hooksett NH..

Originally posted by 00zr600@Sep 18 2005, 04:59 PM
:div20: any body got any cheap ski's for a 96 xcr 600 i need some bad an just want to get through this winter an a track if possible more interested in ski's thanx
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