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I have a 1975 polaris colt ss 340. I`ve tried various coils and no spark. I`ve checked for continuity in all the wires and they are good. I took off the magneto and cleaned it, the exciter coils, lighting coils and points and still nothing. I just noticed that there is continuity between the point with them either open or closed, as a matter of fact, with the lead on one of the points wires, I can touch anywhere and I get continuity. I can even touch the other points wire. I tried a stupid thing knowing that there wouldn`t be any continuity, I touched the wire from one coil and touched the other and there was to my surprise.....continuity. I must have one hell of a nasty ground, but I checked all wires and can`t seem to find anything. Can anyone help, or know of a website that might show a wiring diagram instead of wanting a person to buy the manual? Hey better yet, if anyone out there has a manual that could copy and send the schematics to me that would be wonderful! [email protected] thanks, Darcy
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