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I have defenitly drank to much beer this summer, i have two or three different polaris clutch pullers. I went to take my clutch of my pro x 800 last night and couldnt get it off. I then looked at the puller i was using, and thought maybe it was the other one. The other polaris one i have is longer, i bought a few different ones last year. One for wifeys 98 600 and buddys 95 xlt. Could someone help me out. :beer: :celebrating: :beerchug: :drunk: :frech32:

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Hope this helps,
here is the partnumbers for clutch pullers and what they are used for:
All models thru 98: 2870506
All US Twin models 97-99 (except 440 edge) 2871855
FUGI Motors 99-up 2872084
Indy 340 Dlx Touring 2870506
Indy 500 carb/classic 2870506
Indy Triumph/widetrack LX 2870506
Edge 440 99-03 2872085
xc/RMK/PRO-x 5/6/7/800 00-03 2872085
xcr7/800 99-03 2872085

So, using this chart I would say that you don't use the same as either of those two
the 98 600 takes 2871855 and the xlt takes 2870506 and you need 2872085
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