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Can someone who HAS NOT messed with their coil position take a look at their F7 and tell me the mounting position that it came with from the factory?? Since I shortened the PTO wire on my F7 to prevent rubbing(now it's too short to rotate it), I swapped coils with my 02 ZR800CC so that I am starting with the spark plug wires being full length again but have forgotten how it was from the begining....... ;)

1) Can you read the white writing on the face of the coil when you look at it thru the aluminum side frame(between the muffler and the aluminum frame where the hole is cut out in the aluminum for the coil to stick thru) or is it just black with NO writing on it??

2) Do the 2 small wire leadsthat point down(orange & black) come out of the coil facing the front of the sled or the rear of the sled?

Thanks much!
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