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I was sure I already posted this, but I could not find it anywhere in the FST forum.

Sept. 22, 2006 Polaris issued Service Bulletin S-06-10.

The dealers were told not to deliver any 2007 FST's until this was performed. It involves retorquing the bolt that holds the outlet fitting on the oil sump of the engine. Any previously delivered MY07 FST's should have the customer contacted and the sled brought in. It is very tricky to get to with the motor installed, the dealer gets a little over half an hour to perform this.

To see this part, go to Polaris online parts, bring up the Snow, 2007, FST IQ Cruiser.

open up the Engine, Oil Sump diagram.

Key 7 is the Oil Pump Elbow Nozzle outlet fitting, Key 8 is the 0451546 internal socket headed bolt that has to be retorqued.
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