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So yesterday I got to ride a new blast. It was the zr blast. Alot of talk about this sled. Here's what I thought. Keep in mind I'm 240 lbs, 5' 11"

First impressions. This sled is small. I know I imagined the sled being a normal sized sled. Its not. Its just slightly smaller. Just noticeable. The rear wheels have no track sticking past wheel edges. Hand controls at the handlebars, well they don't exist. Its at the console. All of them. The handwarmers work great. The hood is not very pleasing, it looks cheap, but that's easy to look past. If I'm correct then its a race sled paneling, and fit and finish does not matter on that sled. So it makes sense... If thats where these panels come from. The gauge is slow in the cold, but it still tells you when engine is not warmed up. So technology is there.

First off. This is not a full size adult sled. It just isn't. There is no where for your legs and mostly no where for your knees. My knees hurt riding this sled. And I ride a pro r, the sled that may have started the whole knee pad needing to be put on permanently, my pro r my knees hit often, but nothing like this sled. This is a whole new level of knee brutality. I almost smashed my knees through the plastic on a hard hit. So you full grown adults who reminise in the old days on how fun those old 440s were, you won't like this. This is a small person sled. Period. Everything feels small.

But looking small and feeling small, it also means it feels light. Not only is this sled light, it really FEELS light. No effort to get it on its side. Its light enough it just does it.

Back to adults riding this thing. The suspension as you guessed. Is not for a big boy like me. Its too soft. At least out of the box with no adjustments.

So the sled may not fit a normal adult person well, it feels cheap, controls are not where we would like, the suspension is not for an adult, but this sled is a very playful sled. Its quicker than I expected. And with my weight and leaning back. Full throttle it will lift the skis up no problem. If its got the traction, you can hang skis most of the time. Not just hovering, I mean hanging about 2 feet off the ground. Its a very playful sled. You will have some fun giggles under your helmet with how easy it is to man handle. And a smaller human this sled will be absolutely great. But sorry normal sized dads and full grown 440 fans, this is not a sled you would ride for too long, but you can certainly have a fun rip on it. The performance is better than I expected. But this is no 600 replacment, I dont think anyone thought it would be though. Small women, teenagers, and light weight men under 5' 5" this is going to be a great sled.
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