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I went racing on saturday with my F5 sno-pro. The line-up in the 600 class included a '02 mxzx 600, Myself, '00 mxzx 440, '02 XC500SP, and some other machine. I got the holeshot (even with my 215 pound a$$) and held 4 of 6 laps. I messed up on one turn and went wide and the 440 and F5 passed me. On the final stretch the 440 motor seized and I took second. During the race my jacket zipper broke and wind came in contact with my stomach. I ended up getting 2nd and 3rd degree frostbite around my belly button. I had the blisters removed this morning, the doctor said there should'nt be too much scarring...
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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