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My perspective on F7 SP after 100

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I was really apprehensive about riding with Atomicat with such low snow. He actually rode way back behind the airport to scope the sit. We trailered down the road and found good enough conditions. It was the lowest snow I think I ever rode. The great thing about the Firecat is that it just plain squats and goes! I mean NOW! It is SO linear. It just never lets up! It would accellerated so quickly, that on the twisties, I would get ahead of my experience very quickly and had to really moderate the throttle. I completely shattered one square FastTrac backer. The stud didn't bend. When I replaced the backer, I noticed that the rubber was a tad weakened with having to deal with a non-functioning backer. No damage, per say. No other track/stud issues. The Iso-Vibe is worth what you pay; no soreness like I used to get in my shoulders. The red bushings work just fine. I got a set of the higher durometer blues just in case the reds were to soft. Way good item. One Really nice suprise is how this baby jumps...no nose tip...no tail drop... This thing is balanced! It gives you a ton of confidence and can make you look pretty good. My C&A's with 6" carbides worked very nicely; but, I think I'll try the 8's I bought from Skegs. The C&A's make for a bit heavier feeling in the steering; but, I attribute that to a larger kiel and low snow. Atomicat's sled turned a lot easier. Floatation in the deep stuff is where the C&A's shine. I got about a mile in about 2' of drift and the skis did great. The way the sled turns in the deep stuff should make the mountain guys happy. I'm sure the Firecat will turn on a dime in powder. The cooling was so good in low snow. I would put my hands on the rear exchanger and it could not have been more than barely warm after a long run. I am beginning to think this is why our sleds are so powerfull...cooling! The grip plates work fabulously. I rode Atomicat's non-grip sled and felt my boots jamming up into the footwells. Lastly, I noticed that when I would put my knee on the seat when riding along a ditch, my tool kit might pop out under the right conditions. Would hate to lose that on the trail.