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I got to try my new for this season setup.

BMP pipemod
ODS clutch kit
orange/white primary
'07 orange secondary
D & D shift assist
Fett Bros. adjuster
Removed 1 .030 shim from behind 2ndary

I ran this setup last week for about 150mi. 1/2 with the 044 (w/ about 500mi. on it) and 1/2 with the stock '05 034 (brand new). I will say that with the 044 the best deflection I can get before the sheaves touch is about 1-1/2"-1-3/4", I think a little more could have been taken off the clutch cut but oh well. My test strip for this (aside from the trail) was about a 1000'-1200' hard pack road/trail run. I also added 51 studs this year to bring my total to 153 (1" track). Setup as above, with both belts, the holeshot is decent but not overly impressive. 30mph-90+ is where they both really kicked in. The 034 was faster and felt like it pulled much harder. On that 1000' or so run, the best run on the 044 was 90.6 mph (GPS) and the 034 94.7 mph (GPS). I never had a chance/location where I could run WOT for much longer than that distance to compare top speeds, both were steadily climbing when I had to let off. There are visible markers so that I could run the same distance each time. The one thing that really surprised me though was that my wife wanted me to give her ride on the F7 (she's never been on it) and in the same run I GPS'd 94.1 mph with an extra 140lbs. on the back. My guess is that with the extra weight I got way better hookup and no trackspin. With both belts, when pinned, I jump to about 7300-7400 rpm's and climb to 7700-7900 rpm's or so.
One thing I can't decide, based on things I've read here, is if I should stick with the orange/white in the primary or put the stock yellow back in. What have been some of your experiences with the two springs? Whichever I go with I will also be adding spring glide washers to see if it prevents any primary spring bind. Engagement with the orange/white is just over 4000 rpm.
I am also wondering about the '07 orange secondary. While it seemed to run good, it's a good 1"- 1-1/2" longer than the stock and ODS green springs. How much would this change the rates cramming it into the same space?

All runs were done within a hour, so conditions were the same.
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