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my first F5 ride

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I was impressed!!! My F5 snopro had great acceleration and awesome midrange... The suspention was alittle soft like everyone says... but it rides very nice. After a few miles the coolent light turned on :eek: so i stopped and let it cool good thing I was close to home... I needed to burp the baby.... I own a 2002 Polaris XCSP 500 and I switched and rode it. Man o Man There was quite a difference in the two brands... I punched the Cat and it was gone, the polaris took a little longer to get up and go.. The track and gearing made a difference I think. I am trading to the 1" track hopefully it will be this awesome on the top end too.
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Climbs, runs in deep snow much better than I though it would for being a 500cc with a skiny track width, though it needs a screen vents as a std. not a after market add on.
I love the Sno Pro track its almost the depth of lug as a mt. sled under 600 cc
I guess if you love drag racing on ice it would'nt be much good, I never looked at the Sno Pro as a drag racer, though its quick enough to be.
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