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my first F5 ride

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I was impressed!!! My F5 snopro had great acceleration and awesome midrange... The suspention was alittle soft like everyone says... but it rides very nice. After a few miles the coolent light turned on :eek: so i stopped and let it cool good thing I was close to home... I needed to burp the baby.... I own a 2002 Polaris XCSP 500 and I switched and rode it. Man o Man There was quite a difference in the two brands... I punched the Cat and it was gone, the polaris took a little longer to get up and go.. The track and gearing made a difference I think. I am trading to the 1" track hopefully it will be this awesome on the top end too.
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I live in central Vermont and have an F7 SnoPro. I wouldn't give up my 1.375" for anything! The only gain on the 1" is on the drag strip on the top end and when there is no snow. In trail riding the 1.375" track rules, I was keeping up with a RMK 700 with a 144" track w/ 2" paddles in 30"s of powder and if you like to ditchbang or play on the sides of the trail or any ungroomed area the deeper lug is the way to go. So unless you're drag racing stick with the 1.375" and save your $$$$$$!
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