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my brother is a wimp!

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Brother with 800 X Edge that is clutched and piped is afraid to go on snowmobile trips or make a couple runs. I figure he is saving money from not going on trips to save up for an F7 :lol:
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typical polaris guy, embarrased about the ten yr old technology on his sled, but will make excuses for it
From what I saw at the shootout in Woodgate, that little 800 in those ProX's weren't that impressive :eek:

It only beat out the 700 Poo by a coupla mph and a few tenths in the ET..... from what I can remember I think the only 800 to beat the F7 was the Doo REV.... and it wasn't by much, and the 900 cat beat it, but again, not by much.....

So I think its safe to say, your brother should BE AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID of your F7!!!! :D
I wooped an 800 Pro X and an XC 8 the weekend before last. (500 ft). The only sled that was close was the Doo 8 and I was pulling away at the end of the strip. B)
You must mean your brother is waiting for that F7 to run long enough to get towed by that ten year old technology!
No, what I meant is that you with your hot 800 X Edge needs to have enough balls to come out and run me when we get 5" of snow like we did b4 instead of hiding it in your garage.
Break it in first so I don't get the old sob stories that I'm used to hearing. Bad holeshot, ice on my side only, the sun was glaring off your blue paint and blinded me, and my favorite your thumb was too sore and you couldn't pin it. As far as balls, do you mean the night you stopped by at 9 in your windbreaker and told me you were going home cause you were cold? See Ya in the corn field when your ready.
:D Thanks to a lot of "internet" reading my buds were like bring it on they all wanted a piece of my "F-junk" until the day we were on the trail! Now they don't really talk the talk cuz none of em' walked the walk of the mighty Firecat Team Green!! In all fairness I didn't beat them all I have one bud who bought a 800 REV he got me by two sled lengths, hardpacked snow he was studded I wasn't--now that I'm fully studded he doesn't think he'll get me. Came right out of his mouth too. B)
Same story, talk tough get out to the trail and turns out to be all talk and no show. Up riding this weekend, there was a pretty fancy blade and we couldn't get him to go for a ride with us..... Could only guess he didn't want to get embrased by the two F7s. :p
wow the brothers are battling it out on this post, hope the bro with the polaris doesnt need back-up, hes the only polaris guy on the site
typical brothers, luckily me and my brother both ride cats so we find other shit to argue over,
like he never pitches in gas money for the truck towing the trailer, (my truck)
i would be affraid to race an f7 to but thats because i have an f5 well i wuoldn't be affraid i would try but i know what to expect.
hey forty1! Is that the year you were born in? Or is forty1 how many times youve been beat by an F7 already and thats why you wont run me! Been waitin in that cornfield for you, but now realized why you havent showed up. youve been back at the polaris dealer for repairs.
You seem to be getting gutsy, bringing out the 600 instead? Leave the Kitty Cat home for your daughter.
no, not getting gutzy, just common sense. if u want ill bring out the 600 and spank ya with that too!!
:beerchug: Hay Fat Cat Bob
Isn't that a new Pro-X I see in your garage?
Cant wait for it to snow!!!! :i_need_snow:
I hope you aren't a chick trying to pick up guys with a name like smellybox !!!
that guy is a wooose, anyone that wont race is just a wooose who cares if you lose. I HATE TO LOSE as long as i win i will race :fluffy: :buttrock:
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