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Well, took the plunge and spring ordered a green Sabercat 700 EXT. :wub:

Been drooling over this sled since I saw the spy pics of one on this site what seems like a LONG time ago. It works out to be pretty much the perfect sled for me. I do mostly trail riding, but we get quite a few big dumps of snow throught the season and the longer track comes in handy. Also, I live only a few hours from some decent hill climbing. I'm a little spoiled currently owning an ESR model and definitely couldn't do without reverse. The electric start is a nice bonus. As well some of our riding is sort of "tour" riding and the extra cargo space is pretty attractive. Even looks like room for a little gas on the back too.

I have two buddies with Renegades, so I can't get one B) . I was pretty close to buying a SKS 700 last year but held off hoping for a A-arm hybrid sled as I'm not a big fan of trailing arms. Anyways, AC came through in spades! One of my Renegade buddies is even talking about getting pipes cause he's already scared of the Sabercat ;)

Boy it's going to be a long summer...

Now I can feel like I belong in this forum and not just a wannbe B)
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