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MPI supercharge next week

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MPI will be sending out the first production Phazer superchargers next week. Talk to Josh last night and completed the order, he says that they are out climbing the mod M7's and giving the APEX a beating. Hope to have it delivered by the end of next week and installed over the weekend on my mtn. lite. He told me that they just installed the same supercharger kit on a Jimmy Blaze Phazer for a Discovery channel special that Blaze is shooting. If this kit is as clean and powerful as they are claiming, we are going to install a stage II on one of our attacks also. I will try to post pics of the install and give you my opinion of the entire kit, I am not a brand loyal guy we have 4 yamahas, 3 ski doos, 3 cats and had 1 440 IQ that just got sold, we buy and ride sleds that are interesting and perform well"most of the time" so if the Supercharged Phazer sucks I will say so, if it performs as MPI claims I will I will tell you if it is worth the money.
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How much HP are they claiming?

Also, how much are they $?

I think they use a Rotrex blower for these systems right? I have one on my car, runs 13.3 @ 111 in the 1/4 with bad traction, in a 91 cavalier. They are VERY cool compact little superchargers, self contained oiling, compact, I have mine mounted where the AC compressor was in my car. muuhahahaha.
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