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Hello there, gotta question i have a moto-ski mirage special (368cc daul carb), same as citation ss. A track from a mirage I (268cc single carb) same as citation 3500 well fit on my sled. A track from a Mirage II (368cc Single carb), same as citation 4500, Is longer.

My question is WELL a track from a Mirage II (longer) Fit into a Mirage Special Or well I have To Replace the rear skid with the one out of the Mirage II or not. Has anyone ever done this conversion?!?!

And Does anyone no any ways to make this sled quicker. i think it is good for 60-75 mph? I have had it at 60 mph after not being tuned in many years. and on a track with absoultly no lug, that year the original clutch closed shutt so the belt wont go in.
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