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Motion Control Shocks quality??

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I have a good oppurtunity to buy an 04 GSX sport 600 SDI 1300 miles for $5500. THe only thing that bothers me is the suspension. The shocks are all motion control. My question is will I be unhappy with these shocks. I mostly due trail riding and some cross country, no jumping. I was looking for something with the smoothest ride, but can still handle some rough ungroomed trails. With these stock shocks be ok, or would I maybe end up spending money on different ones.
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I have an 04 trail. I have 4500 miles on the sled and plan on running them another year. They are actually a gas shock (not rebuildable). I am lite - 150lbs. I have experienced no fade with them even after running extended ruff riding with F7's in the roughest conditions. I hear guys talk them down but have found no fault in them. Inexpensive to replace as well.
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