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Check out mid season release REV Mountain sled. Note 16" wide track... should make this thing float big time. Everyone is building pretty nice sleds these days :)

Engine Rotax 800 H.O.
Liquid-Cooled W / Reed Valve R.A.V.E
Cylinders 2
Displacement 799,2 cc / 48,8 in 3
Bore 82,0 mm / 3,2 in
Stroke 75,7 mm / 3,0 in
Carburetion 2 x TM-40 D.P.M.
Exhaust System Single Tuned Pipe Baffle Muffler
Vehicle Overall Length 3134 mm / 123,4 in
Vehicle Overall Width 1139 mm / 44,8 in
Vehicle Overall Height 1130 mm / 44,5 in
Official Dry Weight 215 kg / 475 lbs
Ski Stance 1029 mm to 1080 mm / 40.5 in to 42.5 in
Ski Overall Length 1049 mm / 41 in
Ski Width 171 mm / 6,7 in
Track Nominal Width 406 mm / 16 in
Track Nominal Length 3648 mm / 144 in
Track Profile Height 50,8 mm / 2,00 in
Fuel Tank: Liters / Gal 42 / 11,1
Recommended Fuel Type Super unleaded
Minimun Octane 91
Oil: Liters / Quarts 3,5 / 3,3
Lighting System Output ( AC ) 360 @ 6000 RPM
Headlamp Bulb Hi / Low Beam 2 X 60 / 55 W ( H-4 )
Front Member & Frame Material Aluminium
Side Panels Impact Resistant Copolymer
Belly Pan Impact Resistant Copolymer
Skis Mountain Ski
Seating Light Weight Seat
Handlebar Racing Type with Strap
Electric Start Optional
Electronic Reverse (RER) Optional
Heated Throttle Lever Standard
Heated Grips (driver) Standard
Speedometer Standard Electronic
Tachometer Standard Electronic
Electric Fuel Gauge Optional
Electric Temperature Gauge Optional
Mirrors Kit Optional
Windshield Fix Medium
Carbide Runner 1x5 Standard
Adjustable Toe Hold Standard
Anti-slip Running Boards Standard
Luggage Rack N / A
Hitch N / A
Drive Pulley Type T.R.A. III
Driven Pulley Type HPV VSA
Maximun Engine Speed ( RPM ) 7850
Engagement ( RPM ) 3800
Pulleys Center Distance 257,5 mm / 10,14 in
Small Sprocket Number of Teeth 19
Large Sprocket Number of Teeth 43
Drive Sprocket Number of Teeth 10
Drive Sprocket Diameter 200,5 mm / 7,894 in
Brake System Hydraulic Disc Self-adjusting
High Performance
TYPE S Racing Brake
Front Suspension R.A.S. (A-Arm with sway bar)
Front Shock H.P.G. T/A Aluminum
Front Suspension Max. Travel 233 mm / 9,2 in
Rear Suspension SC-10 144"
Front Arm Shock H.P.G. T/A Aluminum
Rear Arm Shock H.P.G. VR T/A
Rear Suspension Max. Travel 318 mm / 12,5 in
Mountain segment 2003 Summit-REV X-Package 800 H.O.
Change your scenery
Make yourself the ruler of the mountain range. Turn your Summit into whatever kind of snowmobile you want. From light weight
parts to chassis strengthening tunnel reinforcements, you can transfer the landscape of your Ski-Doo from end to end.
For more Bombardier accessory information check out the new 2003 Ski-Doo Accessory and clothing brochure or visit us at
Because of our ongoing commitment to product quality and innovation, Bombardier Inc. reserves the right, at any time,
to discontinue or change specifications, designs, features, models, price or equipment without incurring obligations.

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Well my Summit will walk it in the deep snow climbing but I knew that lol. The F7 feels a lot better in the air and is just a blast to ride even in the deep stuff. Just keep it pinned and don't get into a high mark battle with any long tracks... just get in someone's track and once you get on top dare them to follow you off some 30 foot cornice drop lol

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They must do a higher compression setup for the "H.O." versions of their sled motors. My friends 670 H.O. is supposed to run on 91 octane too. It says so right on the gas cap. The only reason for higher octane requirements is to prevent premature detonation (knock) caused by higher compression ratios (more heat of compression). On a two stroke engine running in the middle 8000 RPM range pre-detonation can be deadly. JR

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plenty of room on there for a spare gas tank.we have our opinions and they are all decent sleds.but i think its ugly from the seat back if they changed the seat i might haveanother opinion
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