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MBRP F7 can????? Why can't they be honest?

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Every time I call them, they tell me something different. I called last week to see how it was going, and they said it was on the dyno, and had good results on bottom and mid, but were having problems on top end. That's fine. I would rather have them get it right the first time. I just called this morning to see how the can is coming, and the lady told me that they haven't even had it on the dyno yet. Why lie about it?? I just want an idea of when it may be done. <_<
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I have gotten the same answers??? But they won't be done til late dec. or early Jan.
I have one ordered and paid for. Debating on whether to tell them to keep it or not. Been hearing some sad stories on here about cans and damage.
Who makes the MBRP cans? I saw a post in Snowmobile.com on the Polaris side where an XC8 rider slowed down after installing ione of these. I would be getting my money back and getting a decent silencer from elsewhere-like D+D or SLP.
Your sleds are'nt going to go faster just by putting an aftermarket can on it, and yes in some cases it will actually go a little slower. You have to make other mods with the can in order to see any performance differance. The biggest benefit that an aftermarket can will give you is the weight savings.
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